My family is growing up. And I am starting to get back out there. Back into the world and remember a bit who I am.

Not that I am not myself with my family. That is my heart, my life. But when you are giving everything you have to raising two tiny people it is easy to forget a lot of things that came before. For example, I am a documentarian at heart. I love people. I love watching people and helping record the things that make our worlds go around. Love, family, ritual, belief. The things that make my world go around too.

The things that tie us all together even if our loves, families, rituals and beliefs are so different that they are almost unrecognizable.

So, I am starting to get back out there. If you would like, I can do this for you. Document what is important in your life, your heart, so you can take this visual record with you and keep it so it will always help you remember who you were before.

That's me on the left. No, not the far left... although you probably figured that out.